A nice turn of events

I am very happy to report things are going very well for us right now.  Some times when things go good for us I wonder when the other shoe will drop? You only get so much good luck in life? Ha! I guess that is kinda negative thinking but it helps me stay positive when things get tough. It helps me to be prepared for it when things don’t go well. It’s weird but it does help.

Anyways, the good news is my husband got a new job! He had probably close to 20 interviews over the past month or two but it paid off. His current job actually finally came through with the raise they promised. So in the mean time while we wait for him to start his new job he will make more there. The new job pays more than his current job with the new salary and it will offer more of a chance to move up.  He a canceled the job interview was supposed to have next week but they really wanted him to stay in the running. He didn’t take it though. I suppose that says a lot about him. People want him to work for them. He is a hard worker and he really knows his stuff in his field. I am so proud of him! This will help us so much! I am so very thankful to God for seeing we are struggling and helping us work our way up to something better. Perseverance pays off!

This changes his hours so I won’t be able to get my younger son to TK (transitional kindergarten). They don’t provide transportation for any age at that school. So I’m homeschooling both my boys in the fall. It’s going to be a big adjustment and it will also change our plans but I’m so excited and it’s going to be better for or family in the long run.  We won’t be loaded with money but we will be able to live inside our means now. I am happy and content with that. My husband informed them that he will probably have to come in late or leave early sometimes since our son has dr appointments and they said that would be fine. That is a huge relief!

My oldest child is doing pretty good. He has actually improved a lot since being out of school. I think since the pressure has been off, he has room to find his own footing. He still has his quirks but I can see him starting to come into his own.  I think part of it is he just needed to time to grow a little. He used to be so sensitive to sounds and textures but its doesn’t seem to bother him much anymore. We went to see fire works for the 4th, he didn’t even need ear plugs. I was sooo proud of him! That is a HUGE DEAL! He didn’t panic. He seemed completely chill. He still has dr appts coming up. He has an MRI later this months. And they want him to go to OT because he has balance issues. He is doing well though.

So things are going well. There is an epilepsy event coming up soon at the end of the year. I am really hoping we can go. With my hubby having a new job there is actually a chance. We will have to save up but I think it would be fantastic.  There are support groups and treatment discussions, safety tips and stuff. It would be really amazing. I really hope we can! This is a cause that means a lot to me. I want to raise awareness. I wish I would have know about it before my son’s first seizure. I wish I knew what to do so I could have better helped him! My hope and prayer is that they find a cure for it!

Thanks for the home school support I’ve been getting. And thank you everyone for following me! You guys have been great!

Until next time, Sage.

Life is a roller coaster.

My life has been crazy of late. My oldest son who suffers from partial complex seizures, is about to start another round of test. He is scared. He remember when he had the test before and the blood work he had to get. It wasn’t s pleasant experience for him.  He is 6 years old and incredible smart. Always asking question and wanted to know how things work. I hate seeing him go through these things. This is something I can’t make better with a kiss. He seizures are well control with medication but they do test every so often to make sure his meds are working, ti see if he has grown out of it, etc… It seems all of our family’s appts and our check ups are landing in the same two months. We have something scheduled for my husbands days off every week for the whole month of July. June was pretty full too.

My husband has also been applying for better jobs as much as possible. Money is getting tight and it’s getting harder and harder to live. He had so many interviews last month and more this month. Each job had about 2-3 parts: A written, a face to face, and a usually final interview with the big bosses. The First job he didn’t get. The second job LOVED him and begged him to reapply next time but they hired internally as they liked to take care of their own first. The third job, he got but they ended up not paying enough. He has 2 more job on the rope. Well, technically 3 as the one place has two openings. But he has to apply separately for both since it’s the same job but different divisions.( does that make sense?) Who knows if anything will come from it.

Soon he has job training where he is currently working. He will be at work extra hours. I try not to complain because I know he is trying to do better for us. And I am gratefully proud of him. But when him gone so much I feel like I am a single mother. I miss him. When he is home, he tries really hard to be there for me and the kids even though I know he is tired from all the work he does. I feel bad sometimes because of it.

I started the process to home school my oldest son. I am hoping I don’t fail him. He has an incredible mind and I don’t want to ruin it. I am trying hard to remember to be patient with him.

We have been trying to make plans to visit my father in law. He lives around 4 hours give or take from us. The longer we wait the harder it will be because my mother in law doesn’t know we have a relationship with him. Or at least we don’t talk about it with her. She doesn’t really want her ex husband to be apart of my husband, Jack’s life.  It would help if we knew when MIL (Mother in law) was a coming to live near us. She keeps saying times but then stuff keeps coming up. I’m so grateful stuff comes up because that is one less thing to worry about. But its hard to make plans. If we go out-of-town and she is here then it will be very awkward because she will want to know details. Talk about how it bothers her. Or she may follow us. Try and move into our house while we are gone. Even when she is in another state she still tends to figure out every time we go out-of-town. I really think the CIA should hire her. She could be a professional stalker/ spy.

We went to church on sunday. It felt a little less awkward because they didn’t have the drums they usually do in their worship band. Instead they had blue grass type music. It was weird but I felt more at home with it then the rock band they usually have. I love Rock music but I feel guilty sometimes hearing it at church. I know, I know! That is kinda messed up and doesn’t make sense. But its hard to reset things were taught your whole life. I kinda wish I could have it both ways. The middle ground. But I have yet to find the it. I don’t really feel like I belong anywhere.

So life isn’t too bad. Just a lot of juggling. Trying not to get over whelmed. I am trying to just focus on the well-being of my beautiful children. It helps keep me going.

Until next time, Sage!