Education… while its very important to me its hard to know what is really the right way to go. My whole life I was taught public school is what is ruining the world. Its how the government controls people. It starts with the children.

Let me give you a touch more our back story:

Education is really important in life without it how will you get a job, develop skills, learn how to interact with the general public? Our experience  (My husband and I) with christian school was horrible. (By church school I am referring to “home schooling” at a church in a group usually taught by church members. Bascally, an unaccredited work book school). My husband got picked on. When his mom tried to dress him “cool” so that he could fit in, it got worse.

My experience was awful as well but we had uniforms. Mine gave me a rash but I had to wear it anyways. My bullies were the staff. I was a tough kid though on the small side. The kids learned real quickly not to pick on me. I was scrappy and I still am.

My husband went to public school for a short time but he mom decided it was going to corrupt him. At one point she had no money to send him to another christian school. His step dad had a drug problem and his mother didn’t work. His step-dad told his mother if she that she had to get a job or they were going to be out on the streets. Her solution was to go back to college. She no longer had time to home school him so my husband ended up staying home from school. Yes, he spent a year watching tv until his mom found out and started making him go with her to college classes. Apparently tv was also a way to corruption.

He was very intelligent-my husband. She was horribly hard on him. When he was in kinder she used to lock him in his room and make him practice writing until it was perfect. If he got “A” and “B” honor roll she was mad it wasnt “A” honor roll. While pushing your kids can be a good thing..pushing too hard can be damaging. His grades kept dropping. Sometimes they were homeless at times, his step father was a drug addict and horrible to him. His mom and his step dad couldnt keep jobs. Eventually, He got a job and had to support his mom. His dad ended up cheating on her and leaving them both. It was actually a relief to Jack.

When choosing an education method for our kids we considered our past. We knew we didn’t want to do christian school or Church school. In our experience this meant under paid, under qualified people teaching kids in one room from kinder-12th grade. We couldn’t afford a private school.  Charter school are not available to us. Due to work schedules we have no way of getting him there and back. So we were left with two options. Home schooling and public schooling.

My oldest son is highly intelligent. He has been reading since he was a toddler, He could read at a 3rd grade level at 5 years old. He could do simple addition and subtracts, knew his colors and shapes even the weird ones such as trapezoid all before he started kinder. He never went to preschool. He loves books and learning. It was all him. I didn’t do anything really to teach him but played with him, read to him, and answered his questions. But he wasn’t very social. We have no family here and we didn’t have too many friend with children his age.We decided we would try public school.  We wanted him to have chances to do things that weren’t available to me and Jack such as sports, instruments and field trips. We also wanted him to be able to make friends.

Public school however turned out to be so frustrating to me. There is 1 teacher and 24-26 kids. No helpers. During test the kids are pretty much on their own. teacher is always testing the kids and when testing she can be bother by kids needed to use the bathroom or help with a project. So for the kids who need more help or have trouble focusing there isn’t a lot of hope. Its pretty hard for kids who aren’t used to a busy environment. For kids that struggle or excel and are bored school kinder is very difficult. Teacher doesn’t really have time for them. The system has no room for that. Seems to me that pre school is the new kinder.

I’m not really sure were to go from here. The school wants my son to be diagnosed with something before he comes back next year because he gets overwhelmed and bored a lot. They can’t do anything for him unless a dr says they have too. He get along with older kids more than kids his own age. This is a problem for the school. He doesn’t fight or anything. He jsut doesnt socialize.

My younger son is a social butterfly but equally as smart in his own way. Rather he has many strengths different then his big brother. But I’m not sure I want to send him and home school my oldest. Thats a lot of shuffling. And there is a lot of I don’t like about the public school. First of all there are 2 teachers for 75 kids are recess. The kids arent allow to run because they might get hurt. They come off the play ground and they don’t get to was their hands before they eat lunch. It is just odd to me.

I want to make the right choices but its hard to know what the best choices are? I don’t want to make mistakes. I know my boys have amazing potential and I don’t want to ruin or mess things up for them.

My husband missed a year of school and he still managed to graduate at 17. He didn’t get to learn a trade out of high school because his mom wouldn’t let him go to a trade school. This made it very hard for him to support his family. Without a degree no one took him seriously. After we got married he was able to go to school and get his degree but it was very hard for him. Working a full-time job, going to school and having two babies at home and a wife. We don’t want that for our kids. I’m still not sure what the right choice is for the boys but we are going to think it through and do our best. We are leaning toward homeschooling and getting him into extra curricular activities to help him better connect with other children his age. We can always try another school in the future. ok, I have rambled on long enough

Until next time, Sage

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Author: Breaking Free and Starting Over

I have spent the last 7+ years of my life changing everything I was ever taught. Undoing everything I had to do as a child. In my new life, I've done things for the very first time as an adult, that most people would consider normal as children. This blog is my way of working through all that I have be tried and learned. My thoughts and feelings about my whole experiences.This is m story.

2 thoughts on “Education”

  1. Hi Sage, I just wanted to say that I homeschool my 6 kids and it is a great adventure. I am always learning new things right along with them. If you are thinking about it, I would encourage you to seek out a homeschool group in your area. It can be so helpful to have someone who has “been there, done that” to talk to (other homeschooling parents) and it would be a great opportunity for your boys to make some new friends.

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    1. Thank you for the advice. I do think we will end up taking that route. I was homeschooled in the beginning of my life and I liked it. I feel like public school has just let my son down. He is really an awesome kid who loved to learn everything he can. He hated learning at public school and he came home all down about it and that really made me sad. You’re not supposed to hate kindergarten! We have been doing a lot of research. I’m nervous but excited to see what will happen. I will probably blog about it in the fall. Thanks for the encouragement!

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